Aly Mohamed, the Egyptian MIT student who helps deaf people see the sounds they are unable to hear!

All over the world solutions that leverage Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are shaping our future. From Egypt, Ali Mohamed is a 23-year-old Massachusetts Institute of Technology student who founded Vound. Vound, a merging of vision and sound, is a company that builds sound visualizers for those who have hearing impairments. Mr. Mohamed built a patent-pending technology that uses Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence to interpret sound waves and transfer them to real-time images. This innovative technology comes at a cost that is well below hearing aids and Cochlear Implants.

For Mr. Mohamed, the idea began in 2012 when he designed goggles for the hearing impaired at his high school science fair. Then he chose to take a gap year after high school to further develop his idea which led him to participate in a three-year immersion in advanced coding and prototyping. In 2014, he came in third at the MIT Arab Startup Competition, and in 2018 was named one of Forbes Arab 30 under 30.

Ali Mohamed serves as an inspiration to all Egyptians. His story sparks light and inspiration in Egyptian youth. It shows them that we are capable of creating our own innovative technologies that use things like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Our future is heavily related on technology; we must create the trends, not merely keep up with them


Posted on November 22nd, 2018